KT Lee expects billions of total revenue in 5 years 放眼5年创48亿总销量

Posted by KT Lee Group KT Lee Group

 “独特洋房概念”,“地点”,以及“材料品质” 是每一项新发展计划不断被强调的重点。尽管市场经济成长缓慢,金德利集团依旧对所制造高规格的产品质量信心满满。加上低于市场的销售价,金德利集团将持续突破经济成长的任何限制,保守估计未来 5 年总销量将达 48 亿,发展计划与前景走向大受看好。紧随时代的需求,李金德认为售后的服务不可小视,非常重要。

"Unique concept in house construction", "location", and "quality of materials" is the focus of every new development. Despite the slow growth of the market economy, KT Lee Group still confidently assure on producing high quality products with unique specifications. Product prices are always below market-price is a benefit to both the group and residents, and due to this reason, KT Lee Group will continue to break through any constraints in its economic growth.
A conservative estimate of 4.8 billions of total revenue will be made in the next 5 years, a high degree of optimism about the future prospect and development projects. Follow the needs of the times, Lee Kim Teck, Chairman of the group believes that after-sales service is very important and should not be neglected.